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Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' Music Video Highlights

Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' Music Video Highlights #1
Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' Music Video Highlights #2 Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' Music Video Highlights #2 Demi Lovato 'Cool For The Summer' Music Video Highlights #4

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And YES, the video is everything you hoped it would be and more as Demi channels a much more provocative side and seriously, we just can’t keep our cool right now.

So if you thought Demi’s sexy summer anthem was going to be filled laid-back pool parties and relaxing in the sun, you thought completely wrong. Demi’s gettin’ down and dirty this time around, buuuut don’t say she didn’t warn ya!

The video starts off with Demi and her girls decked out in full hair and makeup riding top down in a convertible, so you automatically know somethin’s bout to go down. AKA the mad beat drop, where we then see Demi walking in an alley in a sleek black leather jumpsuit and thigh-high cutout heel boots. But then when she turns around, that’s when the “Heart Attack” actually sets in. Watch if you dare:

Booty. Licious GIRL! But the scandalous style doesn’t stop there. In the next scene Demi is rolling around on a bed in a cheeky blue cutout bikini and a red boa, as she sings the words, “I just wanna play with you too.” But you know things are getting serious when all of a sudden Demi and her girls pull up to the club, spray on their Devonne by Demi body spray and are ready for action.

And yes, I MEAN ACTION. Not only does this look like the most insane summer party of the century, complete with a bounce house, pillow fights and an epic dance party, but Demi and friends also channel their inner Katy Perry as we see some “I Kissed a Girl” action and some other PDA throughout the party. Alright is it getting hot in here, or is it just me…?

But don’t worry, Demi and her pals cooled off at the end of the video as they all sat outside and watched the fireworks together, so you could say the night went off with a bang!

But what did you guys think about Demi’s brand new video, was it totally worth the long anticipation, and what was your favorite part about the music video? Share all your thoughts right down here in the comments section below and right after that, brush up on your Demi knowledge by watching all things you didn’t know about the superstar. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver Music, I’m your host Danielle Robay and stay cool this summer, guys! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!

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