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Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber

Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber #1
Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber #2 Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber #2 Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber #4

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♫ Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa - Grave Robber

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• Artists: Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MurDa
• Track: Grave Robber
• Genre: Dubstep/Deathstep
• Wallpaper:
• Self Released on
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"Midnight Snacks Vol. 2"
01. Fat Dabs, Frosted Flakes, and PS4 (Intro)
02. Welcome To Yharnam w/ Oolacile
03. The Crow
04. The Host of Nightmares
05. Alfred's Search For Cainhurst Castle
06. Martyrdom w/ Samplifire & Code Pandorum
07. The Moonlit Beast
08. Djura's Lament
09. Lifeform w/ Wikidill
10. The Gateworms (Interlude)
11. Floyd's Escape From Morg City!
12. Grave Robber
13. The Amazing Nero
14. Nuclear Bomb (Interlude)
15. A Madman's Guide To The Wasteland
16. Back To The Regular Show (Interlude)
17. The Real Ace Balthazar w/ Creation
18. The High Five of Death
19. The Killing Joke
20. Planet Purge! w/ EH!DE
21. Mario's Journey Through Castle Von Midnight
22. Isaac's Judgement Day w/ Coffi
23. Lazer Raptors
24. Spitfire
25. Green Room Freestyle!
26. Goatfuckers Anonymous
27. The Brotherhood w/ VOKT
28. The Void
29. Couch Locked Pt. 2 (Outro)
30. Wolf Pit VIP (Bonus)

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